Say Cheers to the Beach Life!

Relaxation and mindfulness have a new address at Wireroom. A premium dining area at the tropical paradise of Justa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa. Welcome to the bay close to walking distance from the resort and sit in the midst of coastal greens at the Wireroom. Away from the hustle and bustle, lies a quiet place to enjoy the delectable Goan cuisine and other international flavors. Experience the delicious, chilled, and exotic vibe at an open-ended restaurant area close to the soft sandy beach path. Get indulged in favorable seafood bites while listening to the majestic sound of sea waves clearly.

Wireroom-More Than Just a Restaurant

The WIRE ROOM is inspired by the timeless local traditions of Goa. Spectacular interiors where 20 km long copper wires strung from the floor to the ceiling create a sunbeam effect that is both dramatic and ethereal. Exquisite cuisine, innovative cocktails with the quintessential Goa twist & the musical score, make WIRE ROOM the actual chimera of a cool environment.

The surrounding green area features more palm-fringed trees and exquisite peace prevails around. Every bite while sitting inside gives you a tranquil experience and a kind of satisfaction inside. The sprawling beachside beauty of goa, the closest nightlife area, and the beach at a walking distance away provide a mix of relaxation and a cheerful vibe.

Relish the Food

Taste the best Goan delight comprising fresh seafood grills, fish, and other vegetarian dishes. Drink and dine in the perfect lap of an eco-friendly atmosphere and experience the chilling vibe all the time.

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We have a total capacity of around 220 with seating capacity of 80. Make online reservations with us or swing by unannounced and grab one of our walk-in tables.

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